Monday, December 1, 2014



from @nuffnang
Happy Friday all you people! It's the last Friday of November, so let's welcome December together with our #NNFeatureFriday @SurayaSulatin :D 

Here's a short introduction about her:

Hi. Suraya Sulatin here! Usually people know me as Chooyaya since I use that name in my blog. I'm 33 years old (still young and pretty), happily married to Sazli Ramzan, a mother of one son and a working mother. I started blogging since 2009. Basically my blog is like my other diary. I don't write anything specific in my blog because I like to blog about anything and everything. Usually I write about my daily activities, restaurant hunting, foodddddddddddddddddd and more food, cooking and simple recipe for simple person like me. I write a bit about my travelogue here and there, my activities with colleagues, friends and family but mostly about food and my son, Shein Iskandar in my blog. Sometime I share some tips handling a baby and also a bit about current issue. I am a happy go lucky person as you can read at my blog and I love to make people laugh with my writing.

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Thank you Nuffnang!


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